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Epic Battle Fantasy

Epic Battle Fantasy is one of the most popular flash fighting games. Attack game with unique abilities available from Cleaver and Matt, along with lots of colorful enemies.
The game is popular because the series-based game Anachronism Stew with Fantasy Kitchen sinks in effect. In all the games, you will fight against enemies like cats, slime, giant insects, turtles, catlimes, robots, monolithic rock dragons and many others, using weapons from traditional magic to air raids and boomboxes.
Your two characters are equipped with many different weapons and have the ability to perform different attacks individually or in combination. There are many possibilities that your character can use and the two of you can perform together to create a powerful and powerful attack. Characters can charge in front of an enemy performing devastating slashes before returning to their original position. The attacks are extremely powerful, leaving strong fragments from the opponent’s body and each blow that vibrates the screen. Cleaver targets a single enemy, if the target is killed before the attack is completed, Matt will automatically switch to another enemy and continue to attack.
Each enemy character has its own offensive animation, also has many interesting bosses to defeat with special weaknesses. They appear in each class, can be a boss or from 2 or more characters. When you finish your turn, enemies will also take turns until your character or enemy dies. There are enemies with very weak abilities, it only takes one attack to kill you, there are strong enemies, now you need to use stronger weapons to be able to destroy.
Destroy all enemies you will continue to fight them at the next level, try to use the most beneficial abilities to kill enemies as fast as possible.
You can use your money to buy abilities for your character, making killing enemies easier and faster.

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy

This game will use the left mouse button to perform spell selection and perform the character’s ability in turn