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Moto Z Game

Moto Z is an adventure racing flash game that can be played for free and online right from the web browser. Choose yourself a suitable map to start the contest. The latest version of the moto z has been updated with extreme graphics, vivid sound.

Your task in the moto Z is extremely difficult to complete the race in the fastest time possible to win the first, second, or third prize or create a new record. Winning a trophy is an honor because your efforts are rewarded.

In Moto Z the player can easily accelerate his car at speeds up to over 100k / h. Although going very fast, driving a car with such high speed will be difficult, slippery roads, potholes, opponents … Be flexible to avoid and use strategy with difficult bends.

Guide play:

– Use up, down, left and right arrows to move

– Press Space or z to accelerate