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Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a racing game with dangerous traps. Your task is to control your car to the destination position to unlock at the next level.
There are many levels, each level will have different terrain, as well as various challenges, players have the right to choose any challenge to play. After selecting a problem, the player will choose a character and participate in the game. First there are 4 characters along with 4 different types of vehicles, these 4 characters are the same in each challenge. There is a character in a wheelchair, a wheelchair, a bicycle driven by a father and a child behind the car, or a fat brother driving a shopping cart.
Each terrain has deadly traps, overcome them to complete the level. The traps can be high cliffs, rolling wheels, winding roads, mine positions, and all the arrangements in each terrain to give players a new feeling.
The game brings a strong feeling to the player along with strong bumps that can take away some parts of the body or take the character’s life. When the character loses some parts of their body like a table or wings, you will continue the race. However, it is very scary and the character is more difficult to balance so try to move very cleverly to help the character avoid dangers and finish safely.
This game has bloody scenes, violent images where the character’s body touches anything on the way, so this game is not suitable for children.
You can play the game anywhere, play online or download it to play whenever you want without having to pay.

How to play Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels uses the arrow keys to help the character move and keep balance. If you are unable to continue playing or your character loses its life, you can choose to reset to start over or select another terrain to play