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Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is the sequel to the turn-based fighting game. In this section, the 3 characters Matt, Natalie and Lance have stolen their power and they need to go search for their energy. This item explores the jungle, talking to many people for help and fulfilling their requests and facing many dangerous enemies.
Fight with over 70 types of monsters, collect over 80 types of equipment, use more than 80 skills and magic, and meet wild cats, child humor, large weapons and other things. Collect items for NPCs to complete quests by battling monsters and checking treasure chests.
In each battle, to attack monsters, choose a skill from the battle menu and target to attack. Each character has different weapons and skills but uses the same item. Different beasts, depending on their elemental properties, have different skills, items, and spells. You can choose a skill or magic to protect one of the characters from monster attacks or increase HP or MP for the selected style.
You need to pay attention to the status bar HP (accents) and MP (magic points) of each character. If you run HP points, you will die and will be revived with coffee or revived and need MP to create magic. Winning you will earn EXP (experience points) that help the character level up and AP (ability points) help them learn new skills and upgrade old skills. You can also upgrade equipment, add elements to attack, increase the power of certain skills along with many other rewards.
Enemies will vary depending on the terrain you meet, enemies with different combat abilities may appear in successive layers, they perform powerful attacks.
In each battle, a prompt will appear depending on the situation you meet you can retreat when not fighting.
The game has exciting content, beautiful graphics and countless skills, spells, items, monsters and many other aspects that make the game always challenging and interesting.

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The player will left click to use skills, magic, items in each battle; Use the arrow keys to help the character move; Space bar to talk to other characters or perform actions