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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a fighting game by building towers to protect your kingdom from the onslaught of numerous enemies.
The game has 8 dedicated tower upgrades to customize the strategy and with over 18 tower abilities along with over 45 different enemies.
Your kingdom is being attacked from many enemies such as wicked witches, orcs, trolls … Enemies appear in layers, they come forward and attack your army to reach the end. Street. More powerful classes will advance, each with their detailed information showing you their characteristics.
You need to build battle towers to protect from enemy invasion. The towers with different features, the guard tower produces military layers, the arrow firing tower, the turret … each tower can be upgraded to the high-end version with more advanced features. again. You can also customize the defense strategy, sell towers and build new towers. Use special weapons such as rain to shoot at your enemies, add reinforcements, command your army … to fight on the forest, mountains and landfills … depending on the battles you take gia. After finishing and winning you continue to unlock the next level to destroy the enemy.
This is a great and challenging defense game, fight and show your strength and strategy to protect the kingdom.
The towers and the tower upgrades are used to buy money. When you defeat the enemy you will receive money and completely winning the battle will help you collect a lot of bonuses along with other magic weapons. The more money you earn, the more upgrades you’ll buy, and the more enemies you kill, the more your money will be.
On the screen clearly display the indicators of your strength, the features you can use, the enemy classes you have destroyed, the money you earn.
When you let the enemy go to the end of the road and attack your kingdom, you will lose blood. You are given the amount of blood corresponding to 20 heart shapes, if these pictures are used up you will die.

How to play Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is played using the mouse to control and perform upgrades.