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Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 takes you to exciting ninja experiences. You are in the control of the hostile ninja forces and you must use your ability to escape the pursuit of the ninja in this place. The situation is that one day, you were walking on the road when you saw a person being carried by two ninjas in a hammock, then both of them chased and tried to catch you. It would help if you were fairly fast to escape their mission and avoid dangers on the road.
In this section, the difficulty level of this game has increased a lot, you not only avoid the obstacles faced but also to avoid the pursuit of ninjas or beasts.
Your ninja character will automatically run forward and you want to order him to fly, jump or slide to avoid obstacles such as houses, cliffs, ravines, gaps, other ninjas. The ninjas along with the wild beasts, are maintained along with countless other obstacles, arranged and arranged in many different ways.
Along the way, there are many gold bars arranged in different places but you can easily get them. Use the amount of gold you earn to buy upgrades for your abilities, such as buying high flying ability, sliding, stronger attack ability, buying weapons … Upgrade skills to help you overcome Through obstacles on the way, if you can’t buy these things, it’s hard for you to conquer. Each level of play has a certain amount of gold and a certain number of obstacles when you conquer obstacles, you can advance to another level. There are many different levels for you to experience.
The ninjas along the way, you can use attacks or weapons to destroy or jump over them, based on how you handle, as long as you pass safely.
The game brings you exciting experiences, dramatic action scenes and great successes, and the game keeps you entertained after work, stressful study.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android devices, IOS and it can switch between devices when you register, you can play to the next level on other devices.

How to play Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 is played using the following keys and characters:
Use the up arrow key to jump
Space bar to attack
Down arrow to slide
Right-click to throw smoke bombs.
Hold down the left mouse button to activate a shield
At first, the controls and tactics may be quite strange and difficult for you, but after a while, you will have your tactics to overcome.
Try to help the brave ninja escape the hostile lands while cruel enemies and dangerous predators are besieged, make sure you will conquer this fascinating game.