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Cool Math Moto X3M Game

You are the speed and adventure lovers, so can not ignore cool math moto x3m. Moto x3m is not a race car racing game but a very interesting character game on the sand dunes, boulders underground, along with many obstacles change constantly.Cool math moto x3m is a flash game that can be played in any browser

Use the flexible control keys as there is only one minor problem with the controls, such as not keeping your balance, touching the obstacles, the Moto x3m will explode immediately and you will have to play again. that part.

With 22 levels as well as difficulty levels will increase for players to explore and overcome. Actually these are not easy challenges, trying to complete the level in the fastest time will get you the medal.

Control the keys to play cool math moto x3m:

– Arrow up, down = accelerate, brake

– Left arrow, right = lean back