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Powder Game 2

Powder Game 2 is a physics game that simulates realistic images of powder. This is the second part and it has a wider screen than the original game and focuses more on fluid dynamics.
With over 30 different variations of powder like water, fire, oil, gunpowder, bird, Ants, metal, seeds and more. These variants are related and interact with each other, when combined together, they will form very realistic real images.
For example some variations with the following properties:
– Powder: Powder reacts with seeds to form plants and is burned when exposed to fire, gunpowder, lava, laser …
– Fan: creates wind and you can adjust the direction that fan creates wind. Fans allow elements and objects to pass through it.
– Oil: burnt by fire, lava, flashlights, lasers, thunder and sparks.
Oil is absorbed by the fuse (along with nitro and soap), when the charged fuse is burned, the fire is released.
Steam is created from water or soap when they react with lava, when soap responds to bombs and when fuses are absorbed with soap being burned. Steam disappears on its own after a period of time generated by the above reactions …
Along with many other variations, combining them together will produce unexpected results, possibly a dragon-shaped eruption, volcanic eruptions, a beautiful beach, … and A lot of other things. The images created completely depend on your own creativity.
The game has two modes which are “” Edit mode “” where you can perform from the beginning and “” View “” to let you see the work of other users.

How to play Powder Game 2

Simple mouse-operated game helps players create their own creative products and bring players many interesting surprises.