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Stick Figure Badminton Game

Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton is an exciting badminton game and the gameplay is very simple. The game has been loved by many people who have 2 game modes that you can choose that is 1 player mode and game mode. level 2 players.
Your goal is to score 7 points before your opponent to win. Every time your opponent can’t block the bridge, you will score one point. The person who scores, he will gain the right to serve. You and your opponent have the same rights; whoever serves the ball will have an advantage.
1 player mode, the player will play against the computer and in this mode is divided into two small modes: The player is a stick-shaped character or a racquet (fun play mode), playing with the racquet helps people play practice to handle situations and master skills so that when playing with stick-shaped characters, it will be easier. After scoring 7 points in advance and winning, the player will continue to play against other opponents.
Mode 2: The two actual players will play together so you need to join a friend of yours in the game. After winning, players can play again with their friends. This game mode helps you two play happily together and at the same time play the game.
Addictive flash game is completely free, gives players more fun and more players can play anywhere if they want because it is compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers.
Use your abilities, combine skills to help players get the most points, become the winner and conquer this game.

How to play Stick Figure Badminton

Stick Figure Badminton has a very simple way of playing, you only need to use the up arrow to jump up, the down arrow to hit the bridge, the left and right arrows to move and skillfully combine these skills with your flexibility. The animation will help players defeat all opponents.