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Qwop is a challenging running game that brings players lots of fun. You are a competitor representing your country competing against other players, the results of the competition. Your goal is to simply run and finish the 100m race as quickly as possible.
On the road now only you, and although it is a running game, it is not as simple as you think. The game requires maintaining the balance of the legs to avoid causing the character to fall. When you let your character fall, the game ends and you start the race again. If you adjust it a bit, the character will be inclined and bang on the floor.
Players need to complete the goal 50m before reaching the 100m milestone. When reaching these milestones, players will receive very special rewards.
This game has no time limits and obstacles, so you have no pressure, you complete the challenge.
The difficult movement of the character is both challenging for you and helping you overcome yourself. Because moving hard will make you feel bored and easily give up the game, but if you find a way to move, you will be very interested in this game.
The game has a very simple interface and is completely free. Players can play on any device of Android, IOS, computer without any error or incompatibility.

How to play Qwop

To control your character to run on the track, you need to use the combination of the keys P, W, Q and O flexibly and ingeniously. These keys help control every character’s foot movement. You can control the character’s left thigh by pressing the Q key, controlling the character’s right thigh using the W key, controlling the character’s left calf by pressing the O key, controlling the right calf of the using the character P.