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Cat Ninja

Cat Ninja is a game about a cat to find out its origin, it must go through a lot of dangerous and challenging roads.
Control the little cat can change a lot of colors, the cat moves very flexibly, can jump up, run very fast and slide, can cling to the wall to move. The cat under your leadership will turn through all the levels. There are many different levels, each level is saved by a ray of light that when you go through it will change color. When you lose your life, you will play again right at that ray. Different levels are arranged with different traps, items and terrain.
Each level the cat can collect gems along with other items that will assist you in crossing the dangerous road. For example, a fuel tank helps you fly in the air and avoid the attack of weapons. There are squares containing arrows, which help you rotate the world you are standing in the direction of the arrow, helping you to overcome that part of the road.
The specific instructions are shown on the game screen when meeting new things, the instructions will show you how to overcome.
On the way there are many objects that when you touch will explode such as the red laser gates, many sharp spines are arranged in different positions, the bullets shoot around, mines are located just below the road … along with lots of other things that increase the appeal of the game.
The game with lots of interesting creations, helps you have a great experience.
To take a high position in this game, you need to move your cat skillfully so that he can pass all the difficult and dangerous roads and try not to lose his life too many times.
The game has a bright, colorful design, great sound effects, cute play characters.

How to play Cat Ninja

Use the arrow keys to control the character moving to the left or right, kicking, jumping or sliding.